My History

Long story short, been doing this UX/UI design thing for 3+ years now and; consider myself to be at really good at it too.

I have worked with many clients on a variety of projects and products across industries, from record labels, NGOs, sports clubs, private sector clients and even ran my own T-shirt brand for two years.

I have now broadened my skills and service offering to include UX/UI design. Another strong interest of mine is web analytics, which lead me to complete the Google analystics beginner and advanced certificate courses.

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Hi! I'm Lovey

I am a South African based designer, a UX/UI designer to be precise.

I am a big supporter of remote working, a dedicated autodidect who is always searching for opportunities to grow my knowledge and interact with other cultures.

About ME

Okay you're probably thinking WTF, this guy?! Yes, this guy. I like Deadpool, but I am also a great UI/UX designer with enough creativity to blow your mind out of the solar system.

I love nature, photography and I think Ryan Ranolds or Samuel L Jackson should be world president.

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