Excellent course by Graham Robets. I've learned design and visual principles needed to create effective information graphics and data visualizations.

Information Design and Visualization Fundamentals

The course covered skill areas such as; User research wireframing, user testing, prototyping, organizing content to meet user expectations and approaches to information design.

UX Fundamentals Certificate
Lovey Pale

What this certification means is that I have demonstrated and indeed have a high proficiency in advanced aspects of Google Analytics application

Advanced Google Analytics
Lovey Pale

Instructed by Antony Conboy, the founder of UXHop, this course is the perfect introductory course to UX design and; has equipped me with a more business mind(profit oriented) approach to user experience design.

UX Essentials
Lovey Pale

DevTools are absolutely essential to productive web development. This beginner level course in Google Chrome Developer Tools gave me skills to not only troubleshoot live sites but, to make informed design decisions.

Chrome Dev Tools(fundamentals)
Lovey Pale

This course covered 3 main things: Bootstrap 4 in depth, a walk through for creating projects from scratch and the ability to read documentation

Complete Bootstrap 4

Mission: Self improvement


I believe no matter what a person's academic achievements are, continuous learning is a must in order to keep ones skills appropriate and relevant. I have commited and resolved that I will continue learning and improving my skills in the fields of user experience, interface design and web analytics.

Through platforms such as Aquent Gymnasium, Edx Org, Lynda, Udemy and others, I am constantly taking courses in UX design and related studies.

About ME

Okay you're probably thinking WTF, this guy?! Yes, this guy. I like Deadpool, but I am also a great UI/UX designer with enough creativity to blow your mind out of the solar system.

I love nature, photography and I think Ryan Ranolds or Samuel L Jackson should be world president.

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